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Re: [opensuse] kde3 is gone... for 11.2
  • From: "Fred A. Miller" <fmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 18:43:11 -0400
  • Message-id: <49E3BFFF.9040702@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
David C. Rankin wrote:


A Fully working Quanta for one not Quanta for KDE 3.5.x that is half dead
because things are not there cus it needs KDE 3.5.x that is the one that
directly affects me .

KDE3 should not be dropped until the KDE4 devs can show we are NOT sacrificing
functionality. I can't wait for KDE4 to be finished, it should be great. But
consider KDE4 a replacement for KDE3 at present is intellectually dishonest.

Ouch! ;) This will set off some, but the truth IS the truth and you said
it well!!

Quanta is Case-In-Point, a MAJOR app and arguably the best at what it does. I
was using it not more than 30 seconds before checking email and finding this
very depressing thread.

You can't even upload the files you are working on to your server in the KDE4
version with fish. In KDE3 it is as simple as hitting F8.

Correct! Quanta, for KDE4 is presently useless...period!

Presently, for quanta and for other major areas of functionality, KDE4 is a
bust, it's not there yet, and there is NO way Novell, openSuSE, or God for
matter, can expect KDE4 to mature sufficiently between now and the 11.2
to be a workable replacement.

For some, yes it will be, but those people have a very limited number of
apps. that they use.

I just shake my head at the derisory decision making taking place and the
newfound *urgent* need to dump kde3. We were initially told that KDE3 would be
part of 11.2, now this? (Note the *loud absence* within Novell of anyone
willing to take "credit" for making this important decision)

To be fair, I don't know of any other distro. that is going to include
3.5 in their future releases either. Apparently, they ALL are stuffed up
with severe brain farts!

I mean just keep telling people kde4 will be ready by 11.2 enough times, and
you can calculate 90% or so will be stupid enough to believe it. How many time
did it take hearing "Sadam has weapons of mass destruction, wmds, and we know
where they are", before you bought in?

Don't go there, David....they WERE found!

Hopefully, Novell is privy to some hidden information (intelligence if you
will) that guarantees the KDE4 glamor toy we now have will be ready by 11.2 --
I doubt it. This dice-roll decision making within Novell concerning
functionality for what was once the hands down, most functional distribution
with the greatest attention to detail... is disturbing to say the least -- or
downright alarming to be honest and candid about it.

There are many, including developers, AND some well-paid corp. trainers I
personally know who have the same complaints. I'm tired of making excuses
for Novell and openSUSE. It just doesn't wash any more. How long as 11.1
out and "X" is still messed up, not allowing 3D screen savers to run
properly with
a number of ATI chipsets, about all nVidia chipsets, and all Intel
chipsets as far
as I know?! I'm assuming the fault is "X" because it affects so many video
chipsets. It is possible that it's a KDE4 problem, in which case, it
STILL needs
to be fixed and should have been by now. This is just one of the "detail"
things that irritates users big time.

The management question still lingers. Would novell ever put out a release of
its openSuSE distribution that cannot do what its last prior release did with
the addendum of "uhh, we know its broken and doesn't quite have the
functionality the last version did, but we take such pride in saying we are
best, we just decided to release it anyway...without a working KDE3.5 this
time..." ???WTF???

That is the type of corporate thinking and corporate decision making that
brought us credit default swaps and we see how good that turned out.

True, but our economic woes really started in 1913, and admittedly, the
fools in the Senate & House in 2006 by refusing to put financial
under proper regulation has done more damage in recent times that
anything else! Thank you Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Biden, Obama and other

Hopefully 12.0 will be a solid release with a working version of Quanta in a
mature KDE4. Sad, I used to alway look forward to the new capabilities in the
upcoming release. Now, I get to look forward to loss of capabilities in the
upcoming release?? My, "the times, they are a changing." (catchy phrase,
probably make a good song)

'Sad one at that. ;)

OK, now just chime in with how we are "just in the same type of transition we
were in with the KDE2-KDE3 transition" and "not to worry", but please be kind
enough to provide citation to the references you use to show that lack of
comparative functionality was still being debated *three* releases down the
KDE3 road.

(still just shaking my head in utter disbelief, with a dry chuckle of
solemnity...) Beware the ives of Mandrake...



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