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Re: [opensuse] installing 3 distros into 3 existing partitions- by a newby

Unless you have a special love for Ubuntu or it supports some hardware that the
others do not support, I would wipe Ubuntu as well. See the windows comments
below for why.

OK, you convinced me on that one.

When you install
WinXP, it is going to overwrite the MBR. You'll then need to reinstall
grub to get
the Linux installs to boot. You can use the Windows bootloader to boot Linux,
there are instructions on this floating on the web. The prefered order
for installing
Windows and Linux on a machine is install Windows first, then add Linux as you
see fit. Remember that Windows needs to be installed on a primary partition. If
adding more than one Linux distribution, make sure that grub for the secondary
Linux install is on the partition of that install and mot the disk
MBR, You can then
amend the grub of the primary Linux install to chainload the grub of
the secondary
install. Also note that you may need a swap partition for the Linux
install. This swap
partition can be shared between the different Linux install.

Hope you are not overwhelmed by the info here. Remember, you can always search
the mailing list archives for info. Most of the problems you are going
to encounter
have already been solved ages ago and we are here to help newbies who seen the
light ((-:

Thanks for your help. It looks like I should just start over.
I need to study up to learn about the MBR, what a swap partition is, how to put the grub in and how to chainload them.

Should I format the whole HD, install Win, and then use openSUSE to create more partitions...or create two addl. partitions with Windows?

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