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Re: [opensuse] Who is using Gnome?
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 10:27:37 +0000
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Robert Paulsen wrote:
For me, KDE4 looks to be not worth the learning curve. Since KDE4 forces me
learn *something* new and less usable than KDE3 it seems worth considering

I'd be interested in hearing from those who use it and what their experiences


After some issues with KDE on a particular machine (largely machine
specific) caused me to look at other desktops environments. As a result
of this I have largely stopped using KDE. I did not use KOffice
(OpenOffice is a bit better), never was very impressed with KMail
(Thunderbird and Evolution are more impressive for different reasons) or
the PIM elements (at the moment eGroupware has the vote), and therefore
did not see any reason to continue using it. Main issue is gluing these
bits together (and that is ongoing).

I think the question that one does need to ask oneself is how closely
the applications one regularly use are tied to the functions provided by
a particular desktop environment? If you are a regular user of such
applications then one may be replacing one learning curve with a
different one.

Personally, on 10.2 started using e17, but it is *highly* experimental
(and the developers are very clear about this) and somewhere along the
line changes where made so that some of the bits I found useful did not
function very well on the SuSE 11.0 build (or were missing). Could not
get the download and install script to function reliably. When I get the
time I will revisit this on 11.0 (giving 11.1 a miss), so currently
mainly using e16 and Entrance.

Gnome is a useful fall back if one spends more time at the command line
than clicking with a mouse. It is also clean and simple, simple is
usually a good thing...

GUI tools are useful for some purposes but on too many occasions a bit
too primitive to be really useful at more complex tasks. Desktops such
as KDE4 are really more suited to people who need to work with computers
rather than on computers.

PS e16 == Enlightenment 16, e17 == Enlightenment 17
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