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Re: [opensuse] Fedora Vs. Opensuse
On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 01:07 -0500, Fred A. Miller wrote:
Low Kian Seong wrote:

Right off the bat, let me just say this is not meant to end up as a
flame bait. I am currently just at a crossroad as whether to install
fedora 10 or opensuse 11.1 on my laptop and I am at a loss as both of
them seems to be equally matched. Can the people of the opensuse
mailing just tell me one or two reasons why you prefer opensuse
compared to Fedora?

Sure, for one, Fedora DOESN'T have Yast, nor do they have any utility
anywhere near as good. Second, over all, there's better hardware support
in openSUSE. And, third, there's MUCH better KDE support in
openSUSE...ANY version of KDE....fact. That should be enough for ya. ;)

I run fedora10 on my laptop and openSUSE 11.1 on my workstation. Both
have very good pluses and minuses. I use gnome, so no KDE rants here.
I do not like what yast has become for software management. A very
bloated, GUI mess. I'd rather use yum, so I end up using zypper on the
SuSE box. I like the integration of compiz-fusion on the fedora box
better than on the suse box. The keychain tool for ssh agent is more
integrated with fedora. I do not use beagle, but tracker. If you look
you can find it for suse. Mono is better on suse than fedora. Suse
does have better system management with yast (minus software managment).

I will stay with fedora on the laptop and I'll stay with suse on the
workstation. Not much help I guess.

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