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Re: [opensuse] From 11.0 to 11.1
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:42:32 +0000
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Basil Chupin wrote:
Duaine & Laura Hechler wrote:
Since I have critical apps and db's, which way to upgrade is safer.

Upgrade or reinstall ?

P.S. I already have a drive to mirror 11.0


New install. Always the best as it doesn't leave any (unwanted) residue


I would tend to use the following sequence but adapt it to your

i) Backup
ii) Backup the Backup (i.e. do at least one backup by a different means
you cannot have too many backups). In the past I have been in situations
where an upgrade would have been in trouble when the primary backup
proved to be damaged or unusable.
iii) Database info ideally should be dumped with the relevant database
dump/backup facilities. File based backup is quite likely to fail
between database versions because of schema and other differences. A
database dump is a safer option to import old data. (Note upgrading
usually updates data in place if required).
iii) Make paper notes of fstab and partition info.
iv) Upgrade, particularly if you have a lot of database info, or a lot
of configured applications and you do not want to manually check the
configuration of them all. If successful goto viii otherwise continue.
v) Clean install.
vi) Restore non database based backup data.
vii) Restore database data from database backups.
viii). Verify it works as expected. If not goto v) either with old
version or retry with new..

Good Luck

PS I hate goto statements :-)

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