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Re: [opensuse] Organize Your Digital Photos - exiftool and jhead
  • From: Constantinos Maltezos <pandarsson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 01:04:59 -0600
  • Message-id: <200901290105.00551.pandarsson@xxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 28 January 2009 7:28:27 pm Randall R Schulz wrote:
Yeah, I agree. Metadata belongs somewhere else - in the inode, the
exif data, extended attributes etc.

And I suppose your mp3/ogg files are all named like astronomers name
celestial bodies? ;)

I don't know if you mean me or Per, but my MP3 files are named whatever
someone else or some ripping software named them. I organize and acces
them by their internal metadata alone. I never see the files. Why would
I want to?

Files are just a big pain in the ass. Naming them, finding them, losing
them, inadvertently destroying them. And placing them in hierarchies,
while enticing, is utterly inadequate for true organization of anything
as complex as an individual's or an organization's information
resources. The sooner file systems are buried (but not, of course,
dead), the better off we'll all be. I think that was one of the
principles of the Oxygen project, and I don't doubt will stumble back
to it eventually.

The file system may not be a /good/ database, but it's still a database. I
personally have no problem working with files and I don't see a reason why I
should stop. (That /is/ an invitation, by the way.)

What difference does it make if I organize photos and music via file name or
via some application? For instance, I love Amarok and love the way it
organizes my music collection - but in some ways, it falls far short of the
organizing I can do on the file system. Like say there is a group of songs by
the same artist, but both the tags and the file names have different
capitalization/punctuation/etc. for the band name. In Amarok, they're all
listed as different artists while in the file system, they're all in the same
directory. That's okay, I still want to fix them. For the file names, I can
use "for" and "sed" on the same line to change all the names so that they are
uniform. I go to Amarok to change the artist name there... and I have to do
one song at a time. I know, this is a limitation of Amarok, not the system.
But I'm limited to what the programs provide unless I use a database program
which I am /not/ about to do for a task like this. The file system is
/established/. There are many ways to work it and I don't have to wait for
someone to pick up the ball.

And I have songs by Willie Nelson in the same directory as one by Willie and
Merle Haggard. I can't do that in Amarok without taking Merle's name out of
the artist line. Again, a limitation in audio tags, not the system, but I
still have to wait until someone does something about it and I can use it.

By the way... for what it's worth, I trust myself at the command line as well
as in a GUI file manager. I generally don't inadvertently destroy files.
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