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Re: [opensuse] novell web site broke as heck

Frustration is understandable,

I appreciate the sympathetic ear.

And it turns out the feedback forms actually did deliver my message both times,
since I received an appropriate email reply from both submits. Merely the site
displayed an error to me saying it failed. So the error happened at some point
after actually accepting, filing, and delivering the form data.

And of course despite being aggrevated I went back and filled in the silly
phone number field with a reasable guess at the formatting it wants, which
worked, and orderd the dvd.

It's just that life seems to be full of these kinds of annoyances and what
makes them really, well, annoying is that there isn't one but many, and that
they are all unnecessary and artificially generated out of nothing.

Having a problem while doing something you want to do or at least agree to the
necessity of doing, that's one thing. That can be seen as simply part of the
price or cost of reaching whatever goal you're about at the time. My back and
hands hurt and I have a splinter because shovels aren't perfect, but I wanted
that hole dug and now it's dug.

Having a problem doing something you don't even want to be doing and whos
necessity you don't agree with at all, but are simply being forced by someone
bigger to do it, that's a whole different level of anger fodder.

Veering off topic, bugs in license managers that disable expensive and paid-for
software are my other even more favorite artificially injected problem. There's
not enough actual technical problems, we need to create more via drm and
license managers...

Maybe in the case of the anoyance of web registration, maybe there is a
possible technical answer. I do see why each individual site wants it's users
to be registered rather than anonymous. The problem is merely that it's mind
killing redundant and annoying to have to fill in the forms every time you
encounter a post somewhere and just want to fire off your bit of relevant
experience you may have had that would answer the guys question.

So what about a central registration database? Have a site whose only job is to
hold a copy of all the info that you might ever enter about yourself into the
profile/registration forms of all the zillions of sites out there you ever want
to use. Then, convince most sites to support some kind of api with this
registration db site. Then when you visit a site, your browser can
automatically supply any registration type info the site wants, and the user
just has to maybe click an Allow/Deny/Modify prompt once per site the first
time they visit a new site. You would have to tell the browser that you are
user NNNN of the db site somehow, but once you did that the bowser could then
tell that to every new site and the sites could fetch what they want from the
db site. Perhaps the way you could tell the browser that you are user nnnn is
by having a few big widely used sites like google and facebook have that as
part of their home or login pages, so, when you log in to facebook from any
random pc, it sets a cookie which then supplies your universal user id to other
sites for the duration of that session. Or failing that you could just log in
to the db site but that's an extra step, wheras you might very often log into
google desktop or facebook or somthing naturally anyways no matter what strange
pc you happen to sit down at.

Brian K. White brian@xxxxxxxxx
filePro BBx Linux SCO FreeBSD #callahans Satriani Filk!

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