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[opensuse] novell web site broke as heck
So, I go to log in to the novell web site to order the latest retail boxed dvd,
as I have done since at least 9.1

But I get presented with some new form that demands I fill in some "required"
profile info (that they have been living without all these years up to now
somehow...) before allowing me to proceed.

So, web forms and marketing databasing and registration annoy the hell out of
me and I absolutely hate crap like this, but it's universal so I fill it in
anyways even though I _hate_ doing so. I'm feeling so magnanimous that I even
fill in the phone number field even though it was not marked as a required

The submit fails and the redrawn form says more info required and the phone
number field is empy. So apparently it wants a phone number despite being
marked as optional, and although I had actually filled in a phone number,
apparently it didn't like the format I had used with no dashes, spaces, or

Well now I'm annoyed and perversely don't want to fill in the phone number
field (even though my cmpanies main public phone number is of course no
secret), and my initial tolerance for playing along and cooperating with these
forms which I hate is now gone and I'm back to my real feling of hating the
whole form, let alone any particula field.

So I hit the feedback link on the page and submit a feedback about the form
being broken.

The _feedback_ form breaks! 500 internal server error

OK maybe my long winded message with cut & paste copy of my filled-in form with
error message was too long for the feedback form to accept (although there is
no message size limit displayed on the page).

So I try to submit a new fedback about _that_ with the difference being a very
short and plain message with no ususual cut&paste's in the message body, just a
short sentence.

THAT fails!

Awsome! Why didn't I think of that ingenius way to improve my own companies
support statistics? Just make the support and feedback mechanisms broken and
voila! Hardly any support calls or negative feedback! Pure genius! I wonder if
this last ditch manual email to support@xxxxxxxxxx will bounce?

I give up.
I just buy the retail box sets just to be nice and because I appreciate the
work that goes into the distribution.
But I don't need them. I don't think I've ever actually used one of the retail
dvd's to do an actual install. I always do net installs from my own mirror or
else I had already downloaded an iso weeks or months before I received my nice
box. They're just there to look pretty on my shelf.
I'm sure I could still order the box without logging in under my usual profile,
or I'm sure simply filling in that phone number with dashes or some other
formatting will satisfy the form, but now I'm all annoyed and uncooperative.
So if the site wants to annoy me out of buying stuff, that's really no skin off
my nose.

Brian K. White brian@xxxxxxxxx
filePro BBx Linux SCO FreeBSD #callahans Satriani Filk!

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