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Attachments (WAS: Re: [opensuse] off-list messages)
Kai Ponte wrote:
G T Smith wrote:

BTW, sending 100K attachments to a list I would regard as slightly
anti-social at best... individually really only really acceptable if and
only if you cannot put it somewhere others are in a position to access
it from... (Group working with groupware has a purpose :-) )

100k attachments are nothing for me. I routinely send 1-5 mb attachments
to my home computer. Whether it be code assemblies, large pdf documents,
movies, zipped up proposals, it doesn't matter.

I would never send same to the list and would hope the list server would
bounce anything over - say - 50 k.

Heh - replying to myself...

I just got an email in Outlook (running under Crossover) with over eight
megabytes in attachments.

It wasn't a problem to open in Outlook, but Thunderbird completely
bombed when opening.

I did remove the "reply to list" feature. I've been looking (on google)
for the config area to change to allow for reply to list and to use the
L key to do it.

Any ideas?

kai ||

bis zum bitteren Ende

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