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Re: [opensuse] Remove all kde code from s11
  • From: Anders Johansson <ajohansson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 01:05:54 +0100
  • Message-id: <200901260105.55080.ajohansson@xxxxxxx>
On Monday 26 January 2009 00:23:24 Dave Feustel wrote:
Konqueror from 4.04 on would often return a 404 for pages which Firefox
would find immediately. That error happened this morning on Suse 11.

A 404 message comes from the server. It means "file not found". It has nothing
to do with the client at all.

There is however a known problem with konqueror where it will try to connect
to sites using IPv6, which nearly never works, whereas firefox uses IPv4 only.

It is annoying, but you can work around it by disabling IPv6 systemwide in
YaST's network settings

I used to try to bring up these problems, but I gave up. The 'necessary
details' that you mention are impossible to convey to sceptics who look
for any excuse to discount my reports.

Hm, I haven't seen any issues reported by you before. Can you give an example
of where this has happened? Bug reports should be taken seriously

What events you consider as sign of security problems?

Starting up Konsole and having the Konsole window fill up with 'i's
(This happened while I was still running OpenBSD and KDE)
before I even could click on the window. This started up one day out of
the blue and happened every time I started Konsole. It was the main reason
I quickly switched to xterm and ksh. I've stuck with xterm/ksh ever since.

I would suspect a stuck keyboard key, but I guess if xterm works we can
discount that

Having the bios report checksum errors at boot time.

Being unable to enter the bios by pressing delete during boot up.

These two have nothing at all to do with the OS, and only indicates that you
have hardware problems. I don't know which BIOS you have, but I would bet that
the checksum errors come from memory tests, and indicate that you have
problems with bad RAM

The BIOS tests run long before any software from the OS gets loaded (even
before the boot loader is touched) and cannot be caused by any bug there.

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