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Re: [opensuse] Remove all kde code from s11
  • From: Dave Feustel <dfeustel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 00:23:24 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <20090125232324.11B01446B5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 04:29:43PM -0600, Rajko M. wrote:
On Sunday 25 January 2009 11:09:14 am Dave Feustel wrote:
On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 01:10:55PM -0300, Cristian Rodr?guez wrote:
Dave Feustel escribi?:
that there are security problems
introduced by the presence of kde code.

What security issues ?

I am the sole user of my computers. I run a very small set of programs.
When things don't work normally (particularly in the browser), I suspect
security problems. Without going into detail, a lot less of that is
happening on Fedora since I deleted the kde code.

Hi Dave,

I would like to rephrase the question:
"Can you give few examples of things that work different, not normal, from
what you expect."

Konqueror from 4.04 on would often return a 404 for pages which Firefox
would find immediately. That error happened this morning on Suse 11.

I would like to know more details.

KDE just as any other desktop has some common workflow to all desktops, but
has it's own features. Telling that those features present, in your opinion,
possible security problems, and keeping details for yourself is not
considered ethical in opensource community, but sharing your concerns, with
necessary details that will allow others to discuss them, is welcome.

I used to try to bring up these problems, but I gave up. The 'necessary
details' that you mention are impossible to convey to sceptics who look
for any excuse to discount my reports. It has become clear that taking
direct action on my own system to stop any strangeness ocurring on my
system beats by a mile trying to report the problems to Bugzilla in
terms of the effort required.

For instance:
What desktop you are using to run Firefox?

I run Firefox on both Fedora and Suse 11.0.

Why that desktop is in your opinion better?

I use F9 as my main system and Suse to experiment with.
(Actually, I experiment with F9 a lot too :-) ).
I am command line oriented and I understand F9 better than Suse
in that regard.

What particular features you don't like?

'Don't like' is not what I feel. Suse features work well, but
I have picked them up much more slowly than F9 features. I do like
Suse mailing list better than Suse Forums. I get a lot out of the
mailing lists.

What events you consider as sign of security problems?

Starting up Konsole and having the Konsole window fill up with 'i's
(This happened while I was still running OpenBSD and KDE)
before I even could click on the window. This started up one day out of
the blue and happened every time I started Konsole. It was the main reason I
quickly switched to xterm and ksh. I've stuck with xterm/ksh ever since.

Having the bios report checksum errors at boot time.

Being unable to enter the bios by pressing delete during boot up.

Regards, Rajko
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