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[opensuse] MySQL Plugins - Public Opinion
  • From: Michal Hrusecky <mhrusecky@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 19:27:22 +0100
  • Message-id: <20090121182722.GA30219@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,

maybe some of you already knows. There is a new stable release of MySQL
- version 5.1.30. What's new? Among other things, one new feature is a
possibility to compile some of the backends as plugins. From this option
some questions arise how to prepare this package. In the rest of this
mail I want to propose several possibilities how to package new MySQL
and I want to ask what is the best choice according to the public
opinion of our community. I'm not promising that the option with most
votes will be chosen, but your votes will certainly affects final
decision somehow.

What backends can be compiled as modules?

- archive
- federated
- innodb

- blackhole
- example

What are the possibilities?

Packaging possibilities:

1) Make it as much modular as it is possible. Everything what can be
build as a module will be build as a module and let the people choose
what they really want.

1a) Some modules are even developed separately so in the future maybe we
can even have newer modules then the version shipped with MySQL

2) Compile most popular backends as an internal part of MySQL and let
only some not so popular as plugins. If you are voting for this
option please state which backend is your favorite (you can state
more then one of course)

3) Compile everything as an internal part of MySQL.

Installation possibilities:

(i) All plugins are disabled by default

(ii) All plugins are enabled by default if you are installing new
MySQL, disabled after upgrade from 5.0, keep untouched if upgrading
from 5.1
(iii) All plugins are enabled by default if you are installing new
MySQL, enabled after upgrade from 5.0, keep untouched if upgrading
from 5.1

Nearly every choice has some advantages and disadvantages. With modular
MySQL you can enable only things you really need and disable those you
don't. It may even provide more frequent updates (choice 1a). On the
other hand, statically linked version of backends was used till now and
it's widely tested scenario... Enabling plugins by default has
advantages for new users as they wouldn't need to know how to enable
them. On the other hand it can confuse advanced users, although they can
disable them and most likely they will know how to do that.

So if you just want to vote, you can send me private e-mail with your
choice so we don't flood mailing list with voting. On the other hand if
you've got something important to say what may influence the opinion of
the others you can vote in public and state you opinion. Or if question
needs some additional clarification feel free to ask it. I'll collect
votes from both sources.

If you want to try new version, testing version can be obtained from
buildservice, project server:database:mysql51. Current configuration
should be combination of options 1+(iii). Last note, it's probably not a
good idea to test this on production server yet.

Repository URL:

Michal Hrusecky

Package Maintainer
e-mail: mhrusecky@xxxxxxx
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