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Re: [opensuse] w00t! Finally - RDP for us Linux geeks!
Wendell Nichols wrote:
Kai Ponte wrote:

David C. Rankin wrote:

Jigish Gohil wrote:

Check out:



I'd rather not, it cripples compiz by destroying emerald. Or at least
has on every compiz upgrade that has been dumped in X11:/XGL or X11:/Compiz

Why would one want desktop effects over a remote connection anyway?

Probably for terminal server emulation on LANs. Keep in mind that this
may be used in corporate (gigabit) environments where you can have
applications - and entire desktops - sent over the wire.

bandwidth requirements would kill any connection except rdp across a LAN.

Yeah, you should see what YouTube does on our WAN! :P

rdp connections across a lan with an 802.11b connection are jerky at best
without event thinking about spinning the entire desktop around in circles.

I wish the devs the best, but eliminating the bandwidth reality will be
difficult work and breaking part of compiz that shipped with the
to do it is just plain ridiculous.

I use the nxserver/client (all day every day) over a vpn. Its ok, but
the client locks up and has to be killed and restarted a couple or 3
times a day. has anyone enough experience with Nomad to say whether it
is competitive with NX? The main criteria would be performance over the

I use RDP all day long when telecommuting. I had tried both NX client
and VNC (for years!) but just love the reliability and stability and
speed of RDP.

kai ||

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