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Re: [opensuse] How to install Google Earth? IT WORKED
  • From: George Olson <grglsn765@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:12:59 +0800
  • Message-id: <49748A6B.4080506@xxxxxxxxx>
Clayton wrote:
To add the repositories in my yast, do I download them and then go to
yast -> software -> repositories, and then click add, and then point to
the file I downloaded? Or is there some other way to do that?

thanks from the newb

You're asking good questions... keep them coming, and you'll be an
expert in no time :-)

First, you should add all the repositories if you haven't already done so.
- Start YAST (Administrator Settings)
- Go to Software > Software Repositories
- Click Add
- Select Community Repositories
- Click Next
- Select all the repositories you want to use. It's safe to check
all. You can skip Main Repository (DEBUG)
- Click OK
- The repositories will be loaded, and you will be asked several
times to import GPG keys and once for a license agreement (if you
selected the Education repository)

So if you sure you use 965 on 11.1, please update Mesa, libdrm and
xorg-x11 from openSUSE XOrg repositories

To add this specific repository (assuming you still have the
Repository manager still open):
- Click Add
- Select Specify URL
- Click Next
- Give it a name that makes sense, eg X11 XOrg openSUSE_11.1
- Copy and paste the URL into the URL field
- Click Next

You're done... click OK to finish up. Now when you open up Software
Management in YAST, or click Install Software in your menu you will
see the new/updated files for your XOrg and you can install the latest
Mesa, libdrm and xorg-x11 as suggested.


Thanks to all, Clayton, Medwinz, Joe, and everyone else that got me
through that. It finally worked! That was quite a learning experience
for the newb here. Just in time, too, because tomorrow I head out to the
jungle again, and internet for only 1 hour a day. I will be able to use
Google Earth for that 1 hour when necessary!

Which brought up something interesting that I would appreciate a comment
or 2 on from those of you that understand all this. I noticed that even
though I downloaded and configured the new software repositories in
YaST, when I went to install the software using the software manager in
YaST, it still had to go to the internet and download more of something
or other. So what I am wondering is, when I am out on my own and not
plugged in to the internet, is any of the software I need fully
available from my 11.1 DVD (besides stuff like open office that I am
already using)? Or will I have to wait till my one hour of reconnect
time to do any installations?

I don't know yet how much of anything I will need, because we will be
very busy with other activities, but that is just a question in general
for those of you who may want to explain the process to me in more
general terms.

Thanks again for everyone's help

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