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Re: [opensuse] w00t! Finally - RDP for us Linux geeks!
Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 00:01, Kai Ponte <kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Being a windows / linux user, I would like to just use one protocol to
connect to remote systems. I always use RDP to connect to my wintendo

I particularly do this as I often work at home. I have been - until now
- forced to use NX Client or VNC to connect to my Linux boxes. Though
functional, they are always lacking in my mind. Plus I like having one
interface - the RDC client on Windows - to connect.

I just read an article in Linux Magazine (december issue - )
about XRDP.

I went and downloaded it from the home page:

I compiled, ran checkinstall, and installed the rpm. Sure enough - after
a few config tweaks mentioned in the article - I'm up and running on

Very cool!

How is the optimization of the protocol? IMO VNC is very
inefficient/bandwidth intensive/slow vs RDP which actually can run
really "smooth."

Does this continue to be the case when the server is a Linux machine?
Or is the opensource implementing "not as good?"

Well, my SOTP reaction is that it is faster and more responsive. I've
just done some testing on my home LAN with my desktop and laptop.

The laptop running VNC was painfully slow.
The laptop running NX was better but not what I'd hope.
The laptop running RDP was very quick.

Kudos to Citrix for coming up with this. (I used to be a Citrix admin
back in the '90s.)

kai ||

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