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[opensuse] KDE4 application launcher freezes desktop
  • From: Anton Aylward <anton.aylward@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 09:24:50 -0500
  • Message-id: <497098B2.8080106@xxxxxxxxxx>
I gave up battling 11.1.
I scrubbed the machine (except for /home, but I also scrubbed ~/.kde4)
I reinstalled 11.1 on the scrubbed machine and LO!, all the things that
didn't work before like the USB mounting and much else now work.
Even the screen-candy of Compiz and glx-stuff works!


Its a shame I had to resort to Microsoft-fix tactics :-(

I just a have a few odd things...

1. I now have some processes I didn't have before, like these:

root 2580 2461 0 06:53 ? 00:00:00 hald-addon-input:
Listening on /dev/input/event7 /dev/input/event6 /dev/input/event8
/dev/input/event4 /dev/input/e
vent5 /dev/input/event0
root 2620 2461 0 06:53 ? 00:00:00 hald-addon-storage:
polling /dev/sdb (every 2 sec)
root 2622 2461 0 06:53 ? 00:00:00 hald-addon-storage:
polling /dev/sdc (every 2 sec)
root 2624 2461 0 06:53 ? 00:00:02 hald-addon-storage:
polling /dev/sr0 (every 2 sec)

There is no CD/DVD in /dev/sr0.
There is no USB or PCMCIA storage.
The only USB device is the mouse.

Bummer! This is a laptop. Do I really need all those wake-ups?

2. After the system has been up and I've used T'Bird and FF a bit if I
click on the application launcher on the bottom panel (this is the panel
that was installed when KDE4 came up after ~/.kde4 was scrubbed and
hasn't been changed since) then the menu doesn't come up and the panel
freezes. I can still use the applications that have been started and
tab between them, but unless one of them is an xterm I have no way of
starting new processes and no way of shutting down except pulling the plug.

Bummer! Not good for the disk, eh?

If I go for coffee or lunch MAYBE its come back to life.

3. I have the wifi disabled. The indicator on the laptop panel isn't
lit up and the KNetworkManager (when the panel is working) says that
wlan0 is disabled. The config file says so too.

Never the less, there is this process running.

root 3046 1 0 06:53 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant
-c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf -u -f /var/log/wpa_supplicant.log

Oh, and few others like the modem-manager even though have no modems

I thought I was making progress when I had a 'clean' install and could
access my USB devices, but now I find other things are wonky. The MIME
is about right, OpenOffice comes up in response to clicking in Dolphin
on .doc and .odt files, but closing OpenOffice results in a SIGENV trap
pop-up. It didn't do that in 11.1 before the scrub and re-install.

4. While inserting USB/PCMCIA devices adds them to the Device Notifier,
pulling them doesn't cause them to be unmounted. Reinserting them
doesn't make them available again, even if they are in the device
notifier window. In fact if I take out the USB stick and reinsert it
and try opening Dolphin via the Device Notifier window the whole system
freezes for a few minutes.

It seems that Udev alone doesn't do the device event response, Ivman is
still needed. But something is incomplete.

I'm trying hard not to be a whiner. I have faith that KDE4 will "get
there" Real Soon Now. Heck, 4.1.3 is, for the most part, pretty good.
Its a shame that things like T'Bird and FF aren't better integrated. I
don't like Gnome. But then I don't really like the KDE office things.
Perhaps when they re KDE4'd they will be better. I'll look again then,
but for now I live and work with OpenOffice (*sigh*).

I'm sure many of these problems are configuration issues and not real
software problems, but I'm at a loss as to the specifics to do anything
about them.

I don't want to be regressive; I do want to see KDE4 move on and am
willing to hang in there. I'm sure some of these issues have nothing to
do with KDE4, but KDE4 is what's "up front".

Sorry, I'm just exasperated.

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre.
Gail Godwin

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