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Re: [opensuse] (OT) Windows Server 2003 question!
  • From: Sandy Drobic <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 19:41:09 +0100
  • Message-id: <496F8345.3080906@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
James Hatridge wrote:
Hi all,

As alot of you guys know I'm taking an adult ed class. Well, this morning the
school sysop asked me to look at the server, he has a problem. I told him
that I don't know Windows, but he said that "you Linux guys know all about
networks!" :)

Anyway I spent the morning going over the school network. What they have is
student workstations, 3 office workstations, 1 server, and 2 network
printers. The server has two network cards.

Card #1 is to the school network switch, its configured like this:


Card #2 is to the Internet by a DLS router with a firewall, its configured:


The routing is hosed. Both IPs belong to the same subnet but are connected to
different switches. If "File and Printer Sharing" is active on both interfaces
then things become really interesting. I had lots of trouble whenever a
windows box had two interfaces and both have the "Client for Microsoft
Networks" bound to the interface.

Disable the second nic and everything should be fine (after a while, since the
workstations will have to find out that the Server now only listens on one ip.
Afterwards everything should work.

The problem is that the server can see and connect to all the workstations
printers. BUT the clients can not see or connect to the server. On the other
hand, each client can get to the 'net and can see the printers. Also I pinged

That proves that the second nic is superfluous. The Windows server does not
act as a gateway, so you don't need the second interface.

the clients and that worked. The clients can see and is connected to the Z:
disk on the server, but I can not add the server's Y: disk.

Software wise, all the workstations use XP pro SP3 and the server is "Server

Can one of you guys that work with Windows give me an idea or suggestion to
fix this? If I can get it fix I'll be golden there!

Good luck.


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