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[opensuse] Re: is avahi mandatory
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 09:45:35 +0100
  • Message-id: <gkf00b$d05$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Marcus Meissner a écrit :

The problem is that "libavahi.." requirs avahi the daemon.

And libavahi is linked into various gnome stuff (didnt check closely enough,
but I guess gnome-vfs), so it is in turn required by nearly all of gnome.

In fact I didn't think to launch such a discussion when I first posted :-(

As I just installed 11.1 to have a larger working space (I had 11.0
root on a 10Gb partition and took 20 Gb for 11.1), I could try to
install nearly all the important desktops (kde3, kde4, gnome, xfce at
least). 11Gb !

I also had to get a look at the daemons list, what I didn't had to do
for years now.

I noticed that some things could be enhanced: for example, I have no
use of a braille daemon!!

This example seems good because if ever a blind people trys to install
openSUSE, having the braille daemon as default is a very good idea, as
this user may be unable to activate it.

What this shows is than:

* avahi is not necessary to gnome to run (avahi is stopped and gnome
works), at least basically
* many more daemon are used on present time than before
* disk space is critical. 10Gb was too much, it's a bare minimum now.
* we should have a way to urge the user to scan his daemon list and
choose what to keep.

The later problem is than many daemon are cryptics: I often wondered
what avahi was, but did only recently had the time to find the info.
Even in YaST, the comment is often: xxx dameon: makes xxx run (that is
no comment at all)



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