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Re: [opensuse] Installing openSuSE v11.1 on T21 -- Revisited
  • From: Ken Schneider <suse-list3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 14:05:50 -0500
  • Message-id: <496A430E.5080401@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Stan Goodman pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
At 19:50:32 on Sunday Sunday 11 January 2009, "Rajko M."
<rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sunday 11 January 2009 10:17:56 am Stan Goodman wrote:
hwinfo --gfxcard tells me that the card is "Savage IX/MV, revision
0x13". DriverInfo tells me that the server module is "savage", and
there is an option: ShadowStatus".
# lspci -n

can reveal PCI ID for graphic driver, and that seems to be hexadecimal
number next to the name. Though, those drivers are for windows. The
Linux section contains only newer Chrome chipset drivers. I guess, the
reason is that 'savage' driver is part of the kernel.

I have visited the S3 website (, and find that
"savage" drivers are grouped in a list under "Legacy" (a Politically
Correct term meaning "Archeological"). Some of them are even for
Linux (which is apparently what IX means, although that is not
stated), but there is no obvious way for non-employees of S3 to
identify which, if any, are plausible replacements of the one I have.
Since what I have is what the installation chose as best, I am
inclined to believe that there is none.
They are clear that there will be no newer drivers for legacy products,
at least not from them

The 'savage' driver is for quite old hardware. I had ProSavage 3D on
original MoBo of this computer (2001), running under the same driver.

In any case it would be good to post
otherwise discussion can't give any useful result.

I don't have a way to save either xorg.conf or Xorg.0.log; the Rescue boot
is unable to <find> any file with either name, and I have not yet found a
way to set the OS to boot to level 3 -- though I feel sure that there is
such a way.

Simply put a 3 in the options line and hit enter, it will go to run level
3 instead of 5.

Ken Schneider
SuSe since Version 5.2, June 1998
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