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Re: [opensuse] rsync ?
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2009 19:17:38 -0600
  • Message-id: <4967F732.50402@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Erik Jakobsen wrote:
David C. Rankin wrote:
Erik Jakobsen wrote:

I have attached some screenshots from my NAS server's GUI for backing
up with rsync. Sorry for the huge attachments.

I will be back with my results.


Looks like we will be coming to you for rsync help before too long....
My use
of rsync looks nothing like the fancy interface in your screenshot. It's just
black -- and white ;-)

[09:41 ecstasy/usr/local/bin] # rsync -auv
david@nirvana:/usr/local/bin/setwpq .
receiving file list ... done

sent 42 bytes received 4145 bytes 8374.00 bytes/sec
total size is 4020 speedup is 0.96

Hi David. You are more than welcome :-)

What is it that you show from (09:41) ?


That is just part of my bash prompt on my server named 'ecstasy'
showing that
I'm in the /usr/local/bin directory. I have the clock as part of the prompt to
keep track of the time. Give the prompt a try. Just enter the following on the
command line to change your prompt:

PS1="\[\e[0;37m\]\A\[\e[1;34m\] \[\e[1;34m\]\h:\w> \[\e[0m\]"

If you like it and want to make it your default, just include the
line in your ~/.bashrc file:

export PS1="\[\e[0;37m\]\A\[\e[1;34m\] \[\e[1;34m\]\h:\w> \[\e[0m\]"

I like a different prompt for root to make it very clear that your
logged in
as root. Red works. Here is the root prompt:

PS1="\[\e[1;34m\][\[\e[1;31m\]\A \[\e[1;34m\]\h\[\e[0;31m\]\w\[\e[1;34m\]] #

Give it a try as well. There are no end of combinations for your prompt
you can come up with ;-)

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