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Re: [opensuse] Why does 10.3 x86_64 only see 3gig of memory?
On Thu, 2009-01-08 at 20:25 -0600, David C. Rankin wrote:

I'm totally confused as to why my 10.3 x86_64 box is only using 3 out
of 4 gig
of memory. It was running 2 gig and I added 2 gig today. All four are good
sticks of OCZ platinum DDR400 on the Gigabyte 8KE S2865 board with an Opteron
180 processor. I have other i586 10.3 boxes running and recognizing 4 gig with
the big-smp kernel, but I was under the impression that the x86_64 default
kernel could address up to 64 gig of memory.

I have the latest kernel installed:

20:23 nirvana:~> uname -a
Linux nirvana #1 SMP 2008-10-14 22:17:43 +0200 x86_64
x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

dmidecode shows the processor is PAE enabled and all 4 sticks of ram
are there
and recognized:

So kernel and hardware gurus, how do I get my memory back on 10.3?
there is some switch or something that will let me use all of it isn't there?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes, the 10.3 kernel has no problem with that amount of mem,
Before upgrading to 11.0 most of the hardware@work was accessing the
full 30GB.

btw, you mention PAE. This trick is needed on 32-bit machines with more
than 3GB installed. Even that works ok for 10.3. Had two older machines
with 6GB running 10.3 xen-pae kernels

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