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Re: [opensuse] Workspaces X Wallpapers (KDE4)
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 10:41:02 -0600
  • Message-id: <49662C9E.8010700@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
G T Smith wrote:
Amedee Van Gasse wrote:

People, you're discussing frakkin' wallpapers!
That can hardly be called a major usability issue.
If you want to rant, rant about poor support for screenreaders, for the
visually impaired.


From a product management standpoint, the point is much larger than any
nit or application. The point is the apparent total incompetence on the part of
some to be able to manage simple parts of what heretofore has been a perfectly
functioning and working linux distribution without breaking it. The second
point is the apparent total lack of oversight or meaningful QA to make sure
that the simple stuff isn't released until it is ready and doesn't go out the
door broken.

There is no excuse for putting out backgrounds that don't work or
editors that don't edit or software search functions that don't search or abort
functions that don't abort or yast interfaces that are so squished you can't
read the fields, and the list goes on and on with 11.1.

When there are unexplainable problems with the very basic and
parts of a release, it calls into question the quality, fitness and attention
to detail of the entire release and makes you wonder "did somebody turn
openSuSE over to a bunch of teenagers to manage?" There is no excuse for patent

I know software releases have growing pains and I accept that. I am
more than
happy to devote time to helping fix new applications and new functionality to
make the distro better. It is just very frustrating to have to waste all the
time, energy and effort, fixing things that used to work perfectly but are now

That is effort wasted fixing things that never should have been broken
in the
first place or should not have been released until an adult had QA'ed the code.
When you are wasting effort fixing problems that shouldn't exist, you have lost
all of that positive effort that should have been used to add capability or new
function, but instead was used to fix a screw up.

If you spend all your time playing golf, your tennis game will suffer...

Just my .02.

(sad -- I recall writing this exact same post 5 years ago in another venue)

If you sat on the openSuSE board and saw all these problems occurring with your
latest and greatest state of the art release, what would your guidance to the
CEO be? -- Your Fired!

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