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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE 11.1 x86_64 on a 512MB RAM system
  • From: Rui Santos <rsantos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 15:54:26 +0000
  • Message-id: <49637EB2.2030002@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Per Jessen wrote:
Rui Santos wrote:

Hi all,

I've stumbled on a problem, on a test machine, using openSUSE 11.1
x86_64 system with 512MB of RAM. This test was just to confirm a
friends claim that he was unable to get a working server with that
kind of hardware.

I can run 11.1 with KDE on a 512Mb laptop without swap. Idling it uses
about 330M RAM. A 64bit system would use roughly twice that, which
obviously wouldn't work without swap.

I think your fsck memory issue is filesystem-specific, but vfat isn't
exactly the most popular linux filesystem, so a bugreport might not get
a lot of attention.

Second - what's the real purpose of trying to run 64bit openSUSE 11.1 on
a tiny server with only 512M RAM?

The purpose was to use x86_64 kernel and native 64bits apps, since the
CPU is a 64bits one.

With that amount of RAM, I would not
bother with 64bit openSUSE - any performance gains will be negligible
if even measurable. Just run the 32bit version instead, and your
server will be fine.

That is what I'm starting to consider... The only drawback is not to use
2TB+ file systems "transparently"...
But installing a 32 bits system on that machine is starting to look a
good idea.


Rui Santos

Veni, vidi, Linux!

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