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Re: [opensuse] should i go with 64bit??
  • From: Linux <hans.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 08:28:17 +0700
  • Message-id: <4962B3B1.6010002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 7:46 PM, MikeDL <mikedl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Monday 05 January 2009 11:04:34 Amedee Van Gasse wrote:

I've been running 64 bits on my main workstations for over
a year.

For over a year? Then you may consider yourself a 64 bit newbie.

<rolls eyes>

I wrote "my main workstations". Four years ago using SuSE 9.1 I rewrite a
of my code to remove 32 bitisms and take advantage of the additional
registers. My response to the OP is that for the last year, I have been
a x86_64 OS as my main day-to-day general purpose platform with no problems,
and that he should not reject the choice based on FUD.

They solved all those problems before you started using 64 bit, so you
don't know about all the Bad Things that can happen.

The only "Bad Things" that can happen is being frightened by people imagining
problems based on disinformation or an experience from 2004.

Those of us that Have Been There (and Bought The T-Shirt) are more
careful. If it (our current 32 bit installations) works, don't break
(upgrade to 64 bit) it.

Using that logic, it's a wonder you're not still using a 80286. There are
many reasons to upgrade to x86_64, and with few exceptions only fear of
as a reason not to.

Even Vista users went to majority 64-bit on new installs last summer!!!!

Only about 1/3 of new suse installs per the first day OS 11.1 download
stats. (

Only 25% of linux in general per smolts


great discussion! I think the only way to find it out is to try 64 bit
myself. I use Linux only for work, not gaming. So I guess I'll try 64
bit for sometime. As long as I can get Compiz (can't live without it,
especially to amaze Vista users hehehe), Cairo-Dock, Geany, Freemind and
Mplayer running on my laptop, I'll go with 64 bit. :D
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