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[opensuse] 64 Bit issues? Genesys scanner and KDE 4 panel trouble
  • From: Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 15:34:14 +0100
  • Message-id: <200901021534.14629.tcoulon@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I installed 11.1 in the x86_64 version for a new try. The installer seems OK
(except it wanted to install Grub on the extended partition (!?) and
activated that one, so next time I got "no operating system* - thank you
recue system).

You need a hell of a time to explore every menu and program to figure out how
to configure KDE 4, but in the end 4.1 is almost usable (speaking fo the
desktop). I wonder if these are considered as features:

- if you use two screens (twinview) you now have to (or can, depends on how
you see it) choose background pictures for each screen

- you don't seem to be able to move plasmoïds (or whatever the onscreen gismos
are named) from one screen to the other, you have to activate them for each

- if you change the button order on your window bar, they don't reorganise
automatically, leaving a "hole" if you move the close button for exemple. You
can, however, relocate the other by hand - lot of work

- In Dolphin, you can't set and remember the directory for the right windows
(in split mode).

- what use is the KDE/3 control center when you don't have KDE/3 installed?

I haven't understood the interest of the Folder View, but I'll keep trying.

No, I have two concerns now, and I wonder if they have to do with my choice of
the 64 bit version:

- some elements of my "panel" keep using as much space as available. The
system tray and the clock are such. The only way to make them smaller is to
add more apps in the panel, but I can't organise these really well or create
spaces between them. However, I have seen scrren shots with smaller clock...
Does this work ok in 32 bit mode?

- SuSE 11.1 (or it's Yast, actually) sees my LiDE50 scanner and want's to
install it, but it fails (although no error message is displayed - the
scanner remains unset, and xsane can't find any scanner). The scanner works
very well in 10.3 (32 bit) and there are lots of messages on Internet about
no drivers for Vista 64bit, so I wonder if this is a 64 bit problem.

Oh, and KDE 4.1 Desktop is clearly *very much* slower that Gnome. So better,
but clearly still beta state.


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