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Re: [opensuse] Interesting CPU Fan Noise Observation
  • From: Default Off-Domain <alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 03:30:12 +1000
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I have the exact same processor. An AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor
There are 2 BIOS functions that AMD use for cooling.
The First is called Smart Q Fan - Which increases CPU FAN Automatically
or you can set the temp values to when you want the CPU cooling fan to
run at max - say 60C instead of automatic.

There is a second AMD feature you must disable. If you have AMD Cool 'n
Quiet enabled the CPU will always start at very low MHz and is very very
sluggish to run at full MHz and the other problem is the Kernel will not
be able to slow the CPU clock if overheat. I would suggest you disable
cool 'n Quite for many reason - The first is that the CPU will run at
normal max MHz and perform the best and also the Kernel will now be able
to exert some throttling of the CPU frequency.

You can email me direct for other AMD BIOS only options.



David C. Rankin wrote:
Per Jessen wrote:

David C. Rankin wrote:


This is on a MSI K9N2 board. How do I tell what it uses (module, etc.)
to feedback the temp information?

Look at the lmsensors stuff - there is a utility called sensors-detect.
I suspect the sensor chip is "Fintek F71882FG/F71883FG Super IO
Sensors", which is what I have on my K9A2 (the cheap version).
Do an lsmod and you should see a module called 'f71882fg' (or something
very similar).

<slaps self>

That's what I have:

03:11 ecstasy~> nocomment /etc/sensors3.conf
chip "f71882fg-*"
label temp1 "CPU Temp"
label temp2 "System"
ignore temp3
label fan1 "CPU Fan"
ignore fan2
ignore fan3
ignore fan4
label in0 "3.3V"
label in1 "Vcore"
label in2 "Vdimm"
label in3 "Vchip"
label in4 "+5V"
label in5 "12V"
label in6 "5VSB"
label in7 "3VSB"
label in8 "Battery"
compute in0 (@ * 2), (@ / 2)
compute in2 (@ * 2), (@ / 2)
compute in3 (@ * 2), (@ / 2)
compute in4 (@ * 5.25), (@ / 5.25)
compute in5 (@ * 12.83), (@ / 12.83)
compute in6 (@ * 5.25), (@ / 5.25)
compute in7 (@ * 2), (@ / 2)
compute in8 (@ * 2), (@ / 2)
set in1_max 1.06 * 1.3
set temp1_max_hyst 48
set temp1_max 55
set temp1_crit 60
set temp2_max_hyst 48
set temp2_max 55
set temp2_crit 60

I'll mess with the BIOS setting when I get a chance and report back.

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