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Re: [opensuse] internet MAC address
  • From: Richard <Rick47@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 09:09:48 -0800
  • Message-id: <200811020909.48258.Rick47@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun November 2 2008, James Knott wrote:
Richard wrote:
I have been having intermittant connectivity problems, so started trying
to fix like an auto mechanic: replace a part at a time and see what
works. Router is linksys, fairly new so not suspicious. Cable modem was
maybe 5-6 years old or more, so replaced that. Not much change, still
lose connectivity at an odd time, nothing can get me back up, then some
hours later, voila!, I am back rush to get out emails, or
questions like this while possible. New cable modem has new MAC address,
which I registered with ISP, but am not sure how to re-set in SUSE 11.
On the one hand, I am online now, but check with eth0 in YAST, Network
Devices, shows old MAC address. I assume I can manually change in a file
probably in /etc, but I did not find one that seemed obvious. Any

Thanks for any assistance, including other thoughts on the random
outages. Cable company has been by and replaced lines, splitters, like
that, assures that signal is good.


You don't have to reset the cable modem MAC address in Yast, unless
you're filtering on it. The MAC address you're looking at is probably
the one for the NIC in your computer. MAC addresses are for local
networks only and have nothing to do with IP. When you try to connect
to another device on your LAN, your computer will send out an ARP
request, to determine the MAC address of that device and then all
communications, over the local LAN are done via MAC address not IP.

Use <>

 Thanks James.  I assume I am not filtering on the cable modem, as I don't
 how to do that, or why I would.  Maybe finally an instance of not being smart
 enough to get into trouble, a rare blessing.
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