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Re: [opensuse] Another one takes the plunge...
  • From: "Rajko M." <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 22:00:09 -0500
  • Message-id: <200808142200.09481.rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 14 August 2008 06:15:52 am James Knott wrote:
Joop Beris wrote:
On Thursday 14 August 2008 06:52:49 Rajko M. wrote:
On Wednesday 13 August 2008 09:11:34 am Joop Beris wrote:
- Knetworkmanager isn't. At my house, under OS10.3, I could find 10 –
12 wireless networks, which were in a neat list. Under OS11, I can find
2 weak signal networks, and not even my own.

There is bug report about this.

Hello Rajko,

Thanks for the link, I wasn't aware of this bug report yet. However, my
post was written from the perspective of "Joe User".

Hi Joop,

I got that :-)

What I can't find is another bug report that tells that the number is limited
in context menu, but not in regular window. Well there is another of the same

Currently I don't have 11.0 on a laptop, it will be soon, but right now I
can't check how Network Manager works.

Another thing I don't like about it is in order to connect to an access
point, you have to save the connection, even if you're not likely to
ever use that AP again. This means you then have to delete that
connection. It would be nice if saving were an option, rather than

Or, having configuration option
x "Save connection details automatically"
and if it is not selected you will have to save manually connection that you
intend to use again.

Regards, Rajko needs helpful hands.
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