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Re: [opensuse] 11.0 KDE 4
  • From: Teruel de Campo MD <chusty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 14:32:10 -0600
  • Message-id: <1214080330.3806.16.camel@xxxxxxxxx>

It was never my intention to open a can of worms when I started this
thread. I just wanted to vent/rant a little about KDE 4.

Novel offers stable business version of linux and also contributes to
bleeding edge free version (aka opensuse). What you get is your choice
and your money.

I do believe our function when we use an opensource product is to take
advantage of a free product (and almost nothing is free in this world)
and contribute in any form we can

1. send money in many cases to help the developers to live

2. contribute in development

3. contribute in bug reporting

4. contribute with the documentation

5. help to spread the product.

If you find something you do not like or is missing, it is nothing wrong
to do a bug report or communicate to the developers or even send it to a
mail list like this one.
Example 1: I do not like the menu because of.... and I would prefer this
other alternative.
Example 2: I miss this feature that was in the previous version.

And always THANKS the developers and people involved in the product. The
spend zillions of hours trying to make something for you to use.

I have read more than 100 messages in this thread and I believe less
than 5 are worth it. Why instead of all this time writing rubbish users
do not spend the time helping to solve problems or given suggestions to
the team. With this approach all us will benefit.
..and have all a good weekend


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