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Re: [opensuse] Computer freezes a lot

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Carlos E. R. wrote:
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The Wednesday 2008-06-18 at 06:05 -0400, Matt Archer wrote:

Ask your HD manufacturer. Once we asked Seagate about the life
of disks continuously on, or automatically standed down (not spinning).
The said: "the same, no effect".

You didn't ask about reduced disk-head movement, and the
life span of reducing it by spreading filesystems over
more disks.

Sleep mode, means no motor, and no head movement. Common sense say
they'd last longer that way. Manufacturer says "no".

Well of course-- the motor bearing is generally NOT the
point of failure -- the far more fragile read/write arm
assembly bearing often is.

It doesn't matter if you spin down the disk if you still
do the same amount of disk-head movement per day.

Also, when you spin down the disk, the head touches the platter and suffers
friction both while coming to a stop and while starting up.
The whole time the disk is spinning, the head never touches the platter but
floats on a film of air.

Also, all electrical circuits suffer a surge when going from off to on, that
they don't suffer while merely on, and that surge is worse than some large
number of hours or days of coniuous "on", so that is yet another way that
spinning up/down produces more wear than merely being on continuously.

Similarly but to an even larger extent, the main motor works a lot harder to
spin a drive up than to maintain it's running rpm. That translates to higher
current oing through various parts of the motor coils and the driver circuit,
which means heat and/or chance of burnout of some part.

I can very easily imagine that modern drives will last longer if running
continuously for 5 years than if spun down 10 times a day and asleep 8 hours a
day for 5 years.

Fans last a lot longer when they are spun down because their bearings are
garbage compared to whats inside a disk, the balance of the impeller is garbage
compared to a disk platter, and a disk is a sealed pristine environment while a
fans bearings are hardly protected at all. That little sticker on the back
means nothing, dust gets in though the other side under the impeller quite

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