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Re: [opensuse] Computer freezes a lot
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 15:55:42 -0400
  • Message-id: <4859683E.9010109@xxxxxx>
On 2008/06/18 15:20 (GMT-0400) Matt Archer apparently typed:

Felix Miata wrote:

URL please. I missed that tidbit elsewhere whilst learning about melting ice,
dying coral reefs and changing ocean currents.

Are you too lazy to do a google search on your own?

No, too busy to waste time on investigating assertions unsupported by
pointers to any evidence, or concurring opinions in the thread.

Apparently Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Science
Channel, The History Channel and those carrying similar programming have
conspired to prevent us from learning that the Arctic ice is no longer
disappearing, Antarctic ice shelves are no longer falling into the ocean,
Greenland's ice is no longer melting, and disappearing glaciers have stopped

The History Channel is not the "climate channel"

As of the others, they are all easily identifiable as being under
the editorial influence of people trying to advance a particular
agenda, and presenting ONLY information which supports their
cause... that cause being to manipulate Americans into behaving
the way they want, regardless of the truth of anything.

MAN-MADE global warming is a hoax, invented primarily by a
rather fraudulent scientist at NASA -- whose data has been
DOCUMENTED (by the internet archive) to have been gradually,
and repeatedly modified to be more and more dire with faster
and faster temperature change rates with every revision.

That's not science... that's fraud.

I'm well aware there's debate over what's established by facts, what is
supposition or worse, and presentation of data is colored by the data
presenters. But, ecological transmogrification is not a clear black and
white, simplistic matter.

What is clear regardless is that man continuously delivers pollutants into
our ecosystems that he otherwise couldn't without converting massive amounts
carbon fuels into heat and noxious chemicals via various technologies,
meanwhile eliminating habitat for plants and animals that can't escape.
Throttling back non-essentials just makes sense, regardless of who, if
anyone, is right about the extent to which man's activities affects global
temperature trend.

Fly over this land sometime, and you'll notice that over 95% of
it is absolutely unoccupied.

That doesn't make its air any less shared with the rest of the planet's
"Where were you when I laid the earth's
foudation?" Matthew 7:12 NIV

Team OS/2 ** Reg. Linux User #211409

Felix Miata ***
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