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Re: [opensuse] Suse 10.3 install - oh dear (rant only)
  • From: Sam Clemens <clemens.sam1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 14:47:24 -0400
  • Message-id: <48249C3C.80804@xxxxxxxxx>
John wrote:
On Friday 09 May 2008 15:46:30 jdd sur free wrote:
Daniel Bauer wrote:
On the other hand it is really *not* easy to get a computer running with
wery bad wording... "a computer" don't mean anything today. I
installed dozen of openSUSE with no problem at all or nearly.

Whatever I try to install, I have to search google, forums, mailing
lists... for hours and hours.
what do you mean? You can have console only (minimal) openSUSE running
on most harware in 1/4 hour. even Kde in 3/4 hour.

Can you have a hauppauge Win-TV-card running and a

webcam too? No. It took me days to find out.
then you have problem with special hardware. This is bad (I know I
have the same card, I not even tried to run it with Linux :-)

And I absolutely don't wonder why people stay with Windows or Mac. Linux
is still just too complicated for people who have other hobbies than
tinkering with computers.
do you actually have to install windows machines? I do and find this
much more difficult than Linux *as soon as the hardware is not uptodate*

reistalling any windows takes *weeks*

*If* openSUSE once is up and running it's great, but not every one can
invest weeks on testing, searching, frustration
Anybody here (or may be I'm wrong?) knows that the hardware makers are
mostly superbly ignoring Linux, and this is the problem.

Of course, there are always things to do.

In fact, make us a gift: you have got a valuable experience about
hardware, write it down on the wiki like you did here, this can be a
life saving for other... thanks


Jean-Daniel Dodin
Président du CULTe

I think there is often a bit of missunderstanding in this area. Some people use linux for work others (like me) use it at home as pc os plus kde and what ever else they want. True windoze takes a long time to install but hardware drivers are always available. Not so with linux. There is also a bit of oss snobbery concerning closed source drivers eg Samsung printers and why can't for instance nvidia drivers be maintained surely the give the interface away freely. The community should be glad they make the effort. Samsung for instance undated a clp500 driver for me in 3days after I complained that it no longer worked.

And what's equally stupid is the hardware makers wrongly
thinking that people go to the store to buy their drivers,
and that there's some rational business need to keep the
interface a secret.

Dual booting or virtual machines are also a required evil for many users. Take me for instance I have an active interest in astronomy and telescopes. Not well supported under linux plenty of oss and other types available under windows. Windows oss is a rapidly growing area.

As usual, the Windows crowd gets to the party 30 years late.


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