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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE 11.0 and the Non-ready KDE4
  • From: "M9." <monkey9@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 11:26:33 +0100
  • Message-id: <47B95D59.2090807@xxxxxx>
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Aaron Kulkis schreef:
| Monkey 9 wrote:
|> Rajko M. schreef:
|>> On Saturday 16 February 2008 10:05:39 am Monkey 9 wrote:
|>>>> Which is the goal. Guys that work on debugging are usually very
|>>>> fast to
|>>>> find duplicates and dismiss false report. Sometimes to fast on former,
|>>>> IMHO, but if reporter can provide details they are pretty efficient.
|>>> Ofcourse, only i notice that on many bugreports, there is not going to
|>>> be any reaction.
|>>> Which rises the question on my side: Why take the effort to make them,
|>>> if they are not intended to be fixed?
|>> The bug fixing is not always simple. Developer has to make sure that
|>> bugfix will be included upstream, to make sure that is as little
|>> differences between openSUSE version and upstream one. Sometimes one
|>> has to reiterate question/proposal because developer see software
|>> from different prospective than user. Than when is all clear (both
|>> reporter and developer talk the same language :-) ) there is their
|>> management that has to give approval and also upstream project has to
|>> agree. Some developers will take time to give you feedback, so you
|>> will know that they work on the bug, others not. They will just work
|>> on the bug and for you as reporter it seems that nothing is
|>> happening. So far I know there is no rule to give feedback and each
|>> developer is handling that in his own way.
|>> This is example of simple usability bug and, in my opinion, proper
|>> user feedback. No many words, ie. time lost to keep reporter
|>> informed, but enough to let me know that bug is in process and my
|>> report was not waste of time.
|>> and upstream discussion:
|> Yes it is nice when you notice something is trying to something about it.
|> And sometimes very little is nessesary to fix a bug, and sometimes it
|> takes longer...
|> [OT] I installed thunderbrowse in thunderbird, very convenient to
|> browse from thunderbird, and go directly to links in same app ;)
| this is why I stayed with the Mozilla suite.
| I tried the Thunderbird/Firefox combo, and it was usually
| more hassle than it was worth.
| With thunderbrowse, it looks the code is migrating back
| to the same place as where Seamonkey is.

I started using mozilla in '95.
Used netscape, and after the browserwar, i went plain mozilla again,
Did many things to make the scale turning in favor of an independant
browser, but after netscape went wallstreet, i did not like it so much
anymore, and turned again to the original idea and community.

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Have a nice day,

M9. Now, is the only time that exists.

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