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Re: [opensuse] OpenSuse 11
  • From: Mike <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 18:46:33 +0100
  • Message-id: <200802081846.33204.mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 08 February 2008 18:34, G T Smith wrote:

For years, all the incarnations of NT from 3.5 to 2000 had a
directory under system called os2. I'd have to look at work, but I
think the only file in that directory is os2.dll. I once deleted it
just for fun, and the system ground to a halt. But I think that was
NT4, and has since been fixed.


I remember OS/2 as a bit of a cripple when it first came out, (I was
tasked with writing a GUI graphics editor to edit greysale
photographic images which proved to be a little difficult as the
colour support API basically was not implemented when it was first

I didn't get to work with it until the 3.0 days. I'd been fighting with
Win3.x and was so mad because it wouldn't multi-task. Well, it would,
but if one program crashed it took out the entire thing. Once I started
with OS/2 I could run a lot of programs at once and not worry about

However this link is a bit interesting on OS history...

From this it appears that NT 3.1 was an amalgam of VMS 5.4, Windows
3.0 and OS/2 2.1.1 SE

Well, there ya go. ;-) They probably took the worst of all three and put
it together. I never ran the first incantation of NT, but did have the
"privilege" of running NT 3.51. It would run for a while, and then die.
About the only one I've used that's stable is 2000.

Oddly SuSE appears not to have a history according to the Linux

Hmm. Interesting. I know that it started out from what I've heard as a
derivative of Slackware. But I didn't start with it until 5.3 back in


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