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Re: [opensuse] antivirus
  • From: John B Pace <johnb54@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 08:11:52 -0500
  • Message-id: <1201007512.4183.27.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Just a little note here. In my few weeks of searching for a distro, I
tried Ubuntu also. I'm not knocking it as every distro has positives and
negatives, though I like this and Debian the best. What I didn't like
about Ubuntu is that one signed in as root and then one would have to
create another user and remember to use it, though there was probably a
way to change the su to user and visa versa.

Anyway, thanks for everybody's input on this one. I got a bit of an
education from some of the conversations. Also, this is a good friendly
list. I appreciate that also. I think I'll be sticking with openSuse.


The Monday 2008-01-21 at 08:47 -0500, John B Pace wrote:

So, it is like it used to be, Carlos?

Huh, I could have missed this out of thread email.

Really no need for antivirus
software? Interesting that the windows machines are being protected
from themselve. I assume some distros must be weaker than others? Or
would clamav or antivir (Avira GmbH) been created. I'm probably
my foot in my mouth or worse my head where the sun doesn't bother
shining, but I'm really curious as to clamav and antivir. You don't
to answer this if you don't want, Carlos. I can check it out! Thanks!

Other people have already said what I could have said and even expanded
what I intended to say :-)

I'll add something. The problem in Linux is not "virus", but other
of malware, like worms, rootkits, attacks, perhaps trojans... Most of
are fighted by firewalls, proper software maintenance (ie, closing fast
the holes as they are discovered), good practices (not installing
from anywhere, for instance).

It is possible that an email contains code, but in Linux mail clients
not execute code without you knowing - and would execute as user, not
root, so the damage would be limited. But innocuous files like gif
have been known to trigger holes in some software (now and then a hole
this type is closed by an update). Or a pdf file can contain scripts
are executed by acrobat. Some of this things could be detected by an
antivirus scanning email.

Carlos E. R.

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