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Re: [opensuse] Why beagle?
  • From: Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 11:27:27 -0500
  • Message-id: <20080114162727.GE6183@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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* Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx> [01-14-08 10:17]:
I'll go for not throwing up dependency errors if uninstalling, but it
definitely needs to be in the default install. Most users will want

I doubt this - all the users we have hate beagle and either remove it
or ask someone to remove it for them.

Exactly. Other than a few on this mailing list, I have yet to meet
ANYONE who likes or uses Beagle. The issue is not whether or not
these people do or do not use a desktop search tool... it's because of
the major performance impact that happens when Beagle is running.

I use it and "locate" and like it. I seldom notice it running. I run
my system 27/7, x86_64 X2.

I can really see the usefulness of the concept behind Beagle...
especially for a few end users that I know and help out from time to
time. The trade off though... The system performance impact they are
all reporting is consistent... and it's consistent with my experience.

I guess mine is the only one inconsistent.

To those that say open a bug report... open it and say what? Beagle
is too slow? Devs will want specifics (and rightly so).

They *will* ask for specifics and tell you how to get them. But YOU
must take the first step as they do not know you have a problem. This
is not the place to make your concerns noticed by the developers.

I have no specifics other than to say that Beagle is not suitable to
be used on a regular basis because of the performance impact I and
every one else I know have experienced.... which is basically what
almost everyone here is saying... minus the few who do have Beagle
working fine.

I would like to know how they managed it... if the answer is something
along the lines of "I opened a terminal, su to root, nice -19ed it and
then issue this other long string of commands..."... sorry... that
tells me that Beagle should not be given to the masses by default. If
it works by default, then why is it working for you and not the rest
of us?

I don't know, but the developers need to know. You are the same as
bellyaching about a polition and not voting!

What is different? I install a default install as given me by the
openSUSE installer and Beagle is consistently a resource hog... not
only on initial boot, but long long after as well. This is the same
(in my experience) on clean installs with no user data, and on my
desktop with its 1.2TB of legacy data across 7 drives. Something
doesn't make sense here.


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