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FW: [opensuse] how can i remove Xconsole when boot up?
  • From: "Sean [Work]" <sean@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 13:26:12 +0800
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Hahaha.... Mr Genius Aaron kulkis,

I am a kid and age 11years old. I am trying to pickup linux for my school
extra class. I guess you can come join my school and act like 11 years old
kid since you showing me your maturity is like 11 years old. Poor guy ! not
mature even he is already adult and worse showing me unprofessionalism to a
kid who try to learn new things.

Mr Aaron... u got peanut brain I guess. I should share this with my friends
and teacher when I need to do demonstration in front of the class. It will
be fun and whole class might laugh very loud.


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From: Aaron Kulkis [mailto:akulkis00@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 9:02 PM
To: opensuse
Subject: Re: [opensuse] how can i remove Xconsole when boot up?

SEAN wrote:
Aaron Kulkis wrote:
On Thu, 2007-12-06 at 11:23 +0800, Sean wrote:
Bryen wrote:
On Thu, 2007-12-06 at 10:40 +0800, Sean wrote:

Hi all,

I am super piss of this Xconsole module . Even after fresh
and select the most basic system , this Xconsole still keep coming.
After online patch, the kernel also change to kernel 2.6.x.x ( tty)
boot up time plus also darn ugly Xconsole appear out.
Sean, you pooooooooor baby.

Just so we can understand what you are saying better, are you saying
do not want any type of graphics when you boot up? What runlevel are
you booting to? Sounds to me like you wanted to boot up to runlevel 3.
Am I correct? What have you configured as your default runlevel in

Can anybody tell me how to remove Xconsole ?
how to re patch kernel with no kernel (TTY) ?

Just one question. If you didn't want the kernel patched to a new
version, why did you accept the patch in the first place? I don't
understand how you can be pissed at your own oversight.

My opensuse previous time is perfect without stupid console. Ruin my
mood when Laptop boot up with Xconsole. Please HELP ME.



What i wanted is to have pure gnome boot splash without Xconsole
come out. when ever i press alt f2 , it will go to text mode .
This is my original setting last few weeks back. But now when
ever i press alt f2, the ugly xconsole come out with picture
of cammilion and login. So damm ugly.

DAMN DUDE, get a freakin' life. It must be awfully
boring if the most maddening thing in your entire
existance is an Xconsole that you see for oh, like
10 seconds before you log in, and then it disappears.

I can understand being MILDLY annoyed, but upset to the
point of rage??? It's just a stupid image.

Really....Who the F*** cares???

Fix it if you can, and if you can't, then Grow the hell
up and get the hell over it! sheesh!

You're displaying the emotional development of a three
year old, and I mean that with COMPLETE sincerity.

Do you know how reset to the original setting like no Xconsole?

Please advice me

Yeah, learn to FREAKING CHILL OUT!

God help you if you ever had to face a GENUINE life or death
situation. Try maintaining linux systems inside humvees,
bradleys, and M-1 tanks operating in and around Baghdad,
while having mortars and rockets shot at your base at
random times throughout the week, at the rate of around
100 per month.

It's a splash screen, not somone pointing a loaded
machine gun at your head, or missiles carrying
tens of kilos of high explosive being shot at where
you live, sleep, eat and work.

If I'm ever near you in an actual emergency, remind
me to chase you far, far, far away from me, most
preferably with the threat of maiming you a weapon
if come anywhere near my vacinity.



Dear Mr. Genius Aaron,

Is this an attempt to clutter the list with more of
your useless emotional problems?

I believe i seen this type of bully people in the school. HAHA .. you
really a big bully aren't you? Never grow up rite? Picking less

No. Very few people are interested in helping about
how you or anyone else will spaz out because of a
stupid login screen isn't pretty enough for your
oh-so-exalted aesthetic sensibilities. It's not
like the xconsole login screen is popping up child
pornography on your monitor.

Also, most people aren't going to be interested in
offering assistance to anyone who is obviously so
self-centered that a minor annoyance like the
appearance of a login screen makes them write about
it as the "ugliness" of the xconsole login screen is
a catastrophe which needs to be addressed as if it
is some sort of national emergency.

You asked for advice... my first piece of advice
was to chill out and get a sense of proportion.
While it might not be as pretty as you want, like,
xconsole was not popping up child porn on your
monitor at work while your boss is looking over
your shoulder.

experience people and show off you are so darn clever. What a big mess
you have!! i should say poor you for having elephant brain. Ohh well ...
you talk big but no solution.

You are right, I didn't give you a solution -- even
though I could have offered several. Be a NICE person,
and I'll risk personal injury and even death for you.

But it has nothing to do with you having less experience,
and everything to do with your childish attempt to use
emotional manipulation against the readers of this
list -- even against Bryen who was already trying to
help you. It's like flying into a rage because the
wooden handles on some steak knives were stained the
color of cherry wood rather than ebony. It's NOT the
end of the world, and there's no reason to go into
a rage over something that can be fixed so easily.

I and most others on this list have absolutely no desire
to help anyone who is behaving on this or any other list
like a helpless baby over something as minor and utterly
ridiculous as a login splash screen until he or she gets
a grip on his out-of-control emotions and acts with at
least the maturity level of a reasonable teenage boy.

The last thing we want to do is encourage others to act
like you are doing.

To have your whole MOOD changed just because of what
the xconsole login screen looks like just makes most
people write you off as someone who is hypercritical,
and not going to be satisfied with any solution.

I found out that terminal control is being install by default and when
even i boot up, both bootsplash and xconsole is on. So i remove the
terminal control and i think the name is initviocons and bingo! no more
xconsole appear when login.

Congratulations. Since it was such a big deal to you,
I suggest throwing a party and inviting EVERYONE
who you know in the whole wide world. People at work,
your relatives, friends from kindergarten. EVERYBODY!

But next time you post to this or any other list asking
for help, try doing it without acting like a spoiled
3-year old baby brat.

Grow up bully Aaron.

Most of us have no desire to hear from people who can't
describe a very simple problem that has NO operational
impact without breaking down into hysterical anger as if
it is the end of the world.

As I said before, quit acting like a baby and G R O W U P.

If you hadn't been acting like a complete brat, you
probably would have had half a dozen or more people
offering suggestions to your problem. In other words,
your childish rant did nothing except to make most
of the people who COULD help you into people who just
don't care what happens to you or your system.

You act like a spoil kid.

Sean, If you want to see someone who is acting like
a spoiled kid, I suggest you look in the mirror.

And read this:

And read this:

Bye :)


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