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Re: [opensuse] possible kernel panic on install attempts
  • From: "Clark P. Case" <cpcase@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 03:12:19 -0500
  • Message-id: <1196583140.22653.6.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2007-12-01 at 11:40 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2007/12/01 01:30 (GMT-0500) Clark P. Case apparently typed:

I have a system (and 3 other identical ones) that uses a Tyan S2098AGN
motherboard, 2.1GHZ Celeron w/512MB ram. I have been running openSuse
10.0 to 10.2 without issues. The board has integrated video but only
allows up to 8MB of the ram to be shared.

Why do you think this is a problem? Is this a BIOS option? I have a Celeron
2.4G test box with the same chipset:

Its BIOS offers a Frame Buffer Size selection of 512k, 1M & 8M. IIRC, the
Intel Xorg video drivers aren't bothered by this seeming limitation. They
have their own formula for deciding how much system RAM to use. I got SUSE
Factory v10.3 installed on it running 24 bit 2048x1536 in Sept. or Oct., and
Mandriva 2008. The latter's GUI installer wouldn't run on it, but it works
dandy after having used the text installer.

If you try using the integrated video and still can't get an installer to
work, check to see if you have the latest MB BIOS. A newer one helped with
framebuffer problems on mine.
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Felix Miata ***
Thanks for your perspective. Unfortunately the core of my problem is not
with the integrated video. I offered that information as background. I
have been using the Intel Extreme graphics onboard and the Bios offers a
frame buffer of either 1MB or 8MB. I can install and used all Linux
distros with that setup without a problem. The problem lies in the fact
that when I disable the onboard and install any other cards, that I get
the kernel panic and it fails as later stated in the same paragraph.

I feel strongly that this is a kernel issue and since i was able to get
to a desktop on the old 3.4 version of Knoppix's live cd, that the
problem exists in versions of the kernel greater that whatever version
is included on that live cd. I know that it's obscure, but had hoped
that others may have at least heard of a similar situation.

I suppose I will have to stick with some form of BSD if I am to utilize
the 4 128MB video cards I just $160 on but cannot used. It's not the
cards, it is something to do with the PCI capabilities on the
motherboard as it pertains to the Kernel but that is a guess from my
troubleshooting. Just frustrating...

Thanks again!

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