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[opensuse] compiz-fusion help
  • From: "Frikkie Laubscher" <frikkie.laubscher@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 10:06:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <1ee2271f0711100006l7b5fbca0gc47fd2bf1c52a44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 09 November 2007 07:49:08 pm Bob S wrote:
On Friday 09 November 2007 01:26:29 pm Ted Markowitz wrote:
FYI, Bob, I see exactly the same "cube-less" behaviour. This is on a new
Dell Latitude 830 running openSUSE 10.3, with compiz and emerald
apparently functioning OK under Xorg 7.2 using an NVidia Quadro NVS 140M
card with the native NVidia driver (100.14.19). All the compiz plugins
appear to work, e.g., the wobbly windows, etc., and I can get the
viewports to scroll using the cube functions (Ctrl-Alt-Down,
Ctrl-Alt-Right, Ctrl-Alt-Left). However my cube, like yours, appears as
a flat, left-right scrollable ribbon and definitely does not appear in
3D as per the demo videos. I've yet to figure out why, but at least you
can assure yourself that you're not seeing things. ;-)

If anyone has any more suggestions, please continue to share them. Thanx.


Thanks for the info Ted, and to the rest of you for trying.

I did the suggested rm -rf /home/yourusername/.config/compiz* and there
was no change. There really wasn't much in
the /home/bob/.config/compiz/compizconfig/config except "[kde_session]
profile =" I've also done the ctrl +alt+ right/left arrow which will
rotate the screen. Still don't get a cube.

I also did the following which was suggested and this is what I got.

Easystreet:/ # gnome-xgl-settings --disable xgl
bash: gnome-xgl-settings: command not found
Easystreet:/ #

Now, Ted, I don't get a "ribbon" as you state. My display is full screen. I
do get a "ribbon" (about 1/3 screen height) horizontally across the center
of the screen which displays the other apps which would be open on the cube
when I do a ctrl+alt+down arrow and will remain as long as I hold down the
ctrl+alt keys. Then I can continue holding the ctrl+alt and do a left or
right arrow and the focus of the center app will change.

Think there could be a problem with the 100.14.19 driver? Anybody using
that with success?

Bob S said the following on 11/08/2007 09:29 PM:
On Thursday 08 November 2007 02:41:28 pm Fernando Costa wrote:
Bob S wrote:
Hello SuSE experimentors,

Trying out compiz-fusion on 10.3 using the nvidia drivers but doesn't
seem to be working right.

I don't get a cube. The screen rotates when I click on another
desktop which brings up the application that is open on that desktop
so something is working. I also don't get my four enabled desktops,
only #1 and #3 and they both have the same desktop picture.

Also sometimes when I open up a new app I don't get any window
decorations (max, min, close) and I have to run emerald again.

Hope somebody has ideas/advice. I'd like to try it out but not much
good the way it is.

Bob S

you must be sure you are usung the native NVIDIA driver for 3D instead
of xgl, run the following as root in the console:

gnome-xgl-settings --disable-xgl

that will obviously disable xgl (If enabled), then run (always as

nvidia-xconfig --composite --allow-glx-with-composite --render-accel

That's it... you have the native NVIDIA driver running and compiz
enabled, now you can run the CCSM and in the command line within the
window decorations plugin, you can run your favorite window decorator,
mine is set to emerald --replace &

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for your interest. I had done all of that already, but I redid
what you wrote just to make sure. No change except that emerald works

I played a lot with the kde settings and ccsm and finally have my four
desktops back. But !!! still no cube ! Double checked everything
about the cube in ccsm and it seems to be set up correctly. I must be
missing something. Any other thoughts/insight would be welcome.

Bob S

Ok, I am going to start from the beginning so bare with me since I didn't
really read everything else that was done.

First off do:
ps -ae | grep xgl

Is XGL Running?
rpm -qa | grep xgl

Is it installed?
rpm -qa | grep compiz

Report to us what Compiz Packages you have installed.

rpm -qa | grep nvidia

So we know what Nvidia driver you are running. What Nvidia chipset do you

You will not be able to run gnome-xgl-settings since it is now a part of
compiz-gnome and not compiz (as it was previously).



New to posting...

Nvidia's new driver release fixes a Compiz error. The release
Highlight states the following "Fixed a problem with a Compiz after
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