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Re: [opensuse] Invitation to OpenSUSE developers
  • From: Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 21:37:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <200611242137.12092.andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
It is interesting how everyone in the community seems intent on dividing it,
committing suicide by infighting.

Congratulations, Mr. Shuttleworth. You are doing a fine job of doing
Microsoft's FUD work for them.

On Friday 24 November 2006 19:16, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Novell’s decision to go to great lengths to circumvent the patent
> framework clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shockwaves through the
> community. If you are an OpenSUSE developer who is concerned about the
> long term consequences of this pact, you may be interested in some of
> the events happening next week as part of the Ubuntu Open Week:
> We are hosting a series of introductory sessions for people who want to
> join the Ubuntu community - in any capacity, including developers and
> package maintainers. If you want to find out how Ubuntu works, how to
> contribute or participate, or how to get specific items addressed, there
> will be something for you. I’ll also be on IRC on Tuesday 28th to answer
> any questions you may have of me specifically, such as Luis’ questions
> about our position on software patents at
> There are a couple of sessions that would be particularly interesting
> for folks familiar with OpenSUSE. The Kubuntu team is hosting some
> events during the week to look at KDE and Ubuntu and to discuss the
> roadmap of their project. There are also a few events being hosted by
> the Ubuntu Desktop team’s, which I think should include some discussion
> of the ideas that came from the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit in
> Mountain View. There are a couple of Packaging 101 and Package
> Maintenance sessions too, specifically for developers.
> Ubuntu is structured to empower our community to get things done, and to
> maximise the opportunity for collaboration between teams that share a
> common vision (even if it’s not 100% of their vision, such as between
> the Gnome, KDE and XFCE desktop teams). While we’re always open to new
> members, we thought it would be a good idea to identify a dedicated week
> where new members would be the focus for our whole project.
> If you have an interest in being part of a vibrant community that cares
> about keeping free software widely available and protecting the rights
> of people to get it free of charge, free to modify, free of murky
> encumbrances and “undisclosed balance sheet liabilities”, then please do
> join us.
> I know that posting this message to an OpenSUSE list will be
> controversial. I'm greatly respectful of the long tradition of
> excellence in the SuSE product and community and have no desire to
> undermine that with this post. That said, I think the position taken by
> Novell leadership in their contract with Microsoft is hugely
> disrespectful of the contributions of thousands of GPL programmers and
> contributors to SuSE, and I know that many are looking for a new place
> to get involved that is not subject to the same arbitrary executive
> intervention. Ubuntu is one option, as are Gentoo, Debian and other
> communities. Please accept this mail in that spirit.
> Mark
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