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Re: [opensuse] Goodbye to suse
  • From: "Clint Tinsley" <clintin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 08:22:29 -0700
  • Message-id: <20061113152229.673C343F04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >>> Reply on 13-11-2006 15:43:42 <<<> Basil Chupin wrote:
> > >
> >
> > One thing a lot of people are forgetting, is there's still OpenSUSE,
> > which contributes no money whatsoever to MS and isn't likely to
> > receiveany MS patents.
> >
> c'mon.. in all reports is written that the agreement assures that no
> USER will get sued my Microsoft. But I've never, really NEVER and
> NOWHERE read that MS would not sue Novell if they were infringing their
> patents. Why was this not put in the contract? Microsoft does not grant
> the usage of their patented work by Novell (there is NO Patent license
> fee) nor does Novell believe that they infringe any of the MS Patents.
> So there was basically no need/wish for such a clause

IMO, OpenSUSE, absent any statement of ownership or independence to the contrary, is a wholly owned entity on the books of Novell along with Ximian and its other acquisitions. We can all be sure that Microsoft cannot be trusted and will usually do an end run around anything not in its interests and even in the agreements with Novell, it retained the right to change its pledges. As far as Microsoft suing single end users, I don't know of them doing that but it is known they have no qualms about going after small businesses for violating their EULA's and agreements. Novell is not squeaky clean either. Novell's legal department is very focused on protecting their IP and litigating against the piracy of any Novell product in any form, specifically software, electronic, and printed. I am also aware of technology that Novell has buried that was not in their interest (technically probably infringing before acquisition). One example is a German (I believe) company that had developed a very good Novell Client for authenticating to Novell from Linux; Right after it was seen in Brainshare session, it was said that Novell bought the company and then buried the technology. It was so well buried as I could not find it available anywhere. Only recently has Novell made a Novell client available on openSuSE 10.1. Also, Novell does a very good job of providing a great Linux desktop experience at Brainshare on their network including authentication, Novell connectivity, iPrint, groupwise, etc.; I have yet to see how they do that or what technology they are using "under the covers" to provide that experience, something they seem to be keeping to themselves and their partners as protected IP. I have been a long supporter of SuSE since about 6.0 and had bought every version including 10.0 of SuSE Professional (until they dropped the Professional). I am coming to the conclusion that it is no longer in my interest to run openSUSE because of this agreement between Microsoft and Novell and given that openSUSE is a wholly owned and funded by Novell. Novell could actually shut the doors on openSUSE if it found it in its interest to do so since it owns it and in one fell swoop, disenfrancise its users. It is probably time to say goodbye to openSuSE as well. Maybe if enough people do this, Novell will get the message that agreement is not in their interest or in the best interest of the Linux community.

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