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Re: [SLE] Re: Smart stuff
  • From: Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 20:20:54 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <200610041321.12065.crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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On Wed October 4 2006 12:45, Anders Johansson wrote:

> And you still don't see how idiotic this is starting to sound? "These
> evil people want to make it the default, and they don't give it to us.
> They must not make it default, and they must start giving it to us"
> Please at least separate the paranoid rantings into two separate emails,
> to minimise the confusion for newcomers

Ok, so it's LGPL - fine. And yes they don't have to release it. But what's
up with the push for GNOME as a default but not making them available for
people to use. Perhaps I am being a bit foolish. But it seems that if you
want to promote something (esp a desktop) you'd make it available for people
to use/try in order to have them warm up to it. It all seems as if they are
perhaps trying to monitize/proprietize GNOME. It's Ximians ballgame and they
can do as they see fit. But once again. How am I supposed to decide if I
should take GNOME seriously as something I would like on my desktop when I
can't even get any of the current software. And the present form of GNOME on
10.0 works sometimes - until I update a GNOME related package and then it's
back to depencency hell and broken stuff - much more so than others such as
KDE. Sure KDE will break as will other integrated packages when one updates
from time to time. But it seems that if I sneeze too hard that the Damn
thing goes kludge on me. I thought about installing generic GNOME packages
from but that hasn't gone to well either. I have sworn off the
usr-local-bin packages and other 3rd party packages because everytime I
install one of these GNOME essentially pukes. It's not that those making 3rd
party packages are doing poor work - I generally have a lot of confidence in
them. It's more like I don't trust the core GNOME stuff to remain stable
enough to indeed install 3rd party stuff.

Novell and Ximian are trying to run a business, I understand this. But
seriously, where would one make a decision about how the Gnome dev is going
if I can't test drive it from time to time without having to go out and buy a
boxed set in order to get the silly stuff in the first place (cause if I
can't find and install the packages from a repository where the hell else do
I get the latest and greatest GNOME stuff except for what in offered in the
latest SuSE product - e.g. boxed 10.1/10.2/etc). It's a lot like buying a

"Sure, I'll sell you a new car"

"Can I test drive it first"

"No, you'll have to buy the car first - then you can drive it to your hearts

"How will I know if this car is running right and drives well?"

"If you buy the car then you can find out."

"How stable is Gnome now?"

"Check out the latest release in SLD 10.x., we've put a lot of work into it."

"But isn't there a way to run the desktop on my present system to see if I
like it"


"Last time I tried Gnome I had a lot of problems - I would rather try it first
before laying down $100 for the latest boxed set to find out"

"Sorry, I don't know where you would get these Gnome packages - they're not
available to the public in an open download site"

"So the only way I can try the latest Gnome desktop is to buy the latest
version of SUSE?"



So perhaps my logic is indeed flawed. But then again I've had no problem with
the other desktops. Such as XFCE4, KDE, WindowMaker, etc.... So Gnome is a
special case - ok, it's their baby! But considering that DeAcaza said that
he had helped Brazil setup a bunch of desktops with Gnome only to return to
find they had replaced them all with KDE, much to his surprise. When he
asked why they said they had to many problems with Gnome and KDE was far less
of a hassle to maintian. So, I guess I'm supposed to just deal with it? I
am - I avoid GNOME - but I would like to think that it's improving. How
would I know? Wait for the next SuSE release and see if it works as
advertised? I'm not that confident given the track record.

Cheers, Curtis.
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