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Re: [SLE] New system -- 10.0 or 10.1?
  • From: Robert Lewis <rll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 23:53:12 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <44FA1961.8060909@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
All good points and from reading your quality feedback help I have high
regard for your thoughts.
Here is one biggy, I share this machine with my wife and others. We use the
CTRL-ALT F[7-?] to switch to different environments. If two people
need the machine at
one time I use another machine to come in with ssh -X and access
whatever I need.

With 9.3 only the primary person (first one to login) could have sound.
Therefor my wife typically did not hear any sound on the multimedia stuff
sent as attachments to email. Now sound works for all people, very cool.

Outside of that I don't have any biggies to throw your way.
I do know that packman and other engineers prefer to stay with the yellow
brick road rather than look backwards.

I also have a bias to try and help with my comments any engineers that are
attempting to further the state of the art and to be patient with stuff
that isn't
perfect while trying to sort out how to get it working properly. My
software isn't
always perfect from the get go so why would I expect others to be perfect.

I am able to easily sort through the issues with the update process now
with 10
machines and it is easy for my wife to respond to the orange/red Orb and g
tolerable while the engineers work hard to make it better. Believe
me they have been working very hard to do so and this group seems to be
hard on them at times. No I don't work for Novell. In my mind, it is a
waste of
time threatening to switch to another distro or another update method.
Just do it
if you need to in my view but otherwise tone down the emotion. I am not
pointing to
anyone specifically here just having a friendly philosophic expression

On another note, my new laptop an HP dv5237cl and a friends Lonovo
notebook X-41
just installed beautifully on 10.1 recognizing natively the wireless card.

It is ok for some people to be happy and others not with a specific
release in my view.

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