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Re: [opensuse] Sources, revisited
  • From: Tilman Vogel <tilman.vogel@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:16:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <44E0698E.7080605@xxxxxx>
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Just my vote (not that it weighs anything, but...):

The standard behaviour in a mailing list is discussion, i.e. replying in
a way so that everybody can participate, not to fork off 1-to-1

To achieve this, one needs to make sure, that (at least one copy of) the
reply is sent to the mailing list, and here the "traditional" method has
two structural and big disadvantages over the "reply-to" method:

1) Replying per default (ok, depends on MUA) creates a fork off into
1-to-1 communication.

2) Replying to the list (via "Reply to all") without special user
intervention will _always_ send off two copies of the reply. The use of
the copy to the individual predecessor in the thread is at least
questionable from my perspective. And it tends to annoy people!

Because to me the advantage of the "traditional" method has not been
made plausible, I don't understand the decision.

Either you want to discuss something on the list, so you join and post.
Or you just don't do it. The only advantage of the "traditional" method,
I heard of yet, was making it easy to answer to outsiders asking
questions to the list. That's a rare circumstance in my experience!

So my vote is for the "reply-to" method.


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