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Re: [opensuse] Why Red Hat will go bust because of Ubuntu
  • From: Martin Schlander <suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 16:20:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <200608071620.35992.suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
Onsdag 02 august 2006 16:37 skrev SOTL:
> Back to the subject (above) you can read all about it by reading the
> article Why Red Hat will go bust because of Ubuntu
> at:
> Free Software Magazine

I was quick to dismiss claims that SUSE/Novell would make the same mistake as
Red Hat and more or less quit having a good stable product for home and small

Now I'm concerned again though - just listened to Novell Open Audio -
episode: "SLE 10: Top 5 reasons for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10".

In this episode Ted Haeger kindly explains to us the difference between SLE 10
and "openSUSE" as he's always liked to call it.

Apparently SUSE Linux is a bleeding edge distro, only aimed at Linux geeks -
with only one purpose - namely testing and maturing stuff for SLE.

Not one word about (open)SUSE being a nice and stable distro that's supposed
to increase use of Linux at home and small offices.

Of course the openSUSE-project description states: "We work together to create
and distribute the world's most usable Linux." I must have gotten this
wrong - I thought we were working together to make (open)SUSE better - but
apparently the Linux-distro we're making usable is SLE. Nice of Ted Haeger to
inform us what's going on in and around Novell.

Someone please tell me, that this man is _wrong_.


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