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Re: [opensuse] We, the community, updated
On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 09:40:31PM +1000, scsijon wrote:
> how-to is only a small part, what I believe is needed is a "grow" manual
> that allows you to start with the basics (eg the command only "ls"), add
> the meanings and results of the generally used extensions (ls -l) and
> provide the commonly used major commands (ls -Ralph). It would also have
> the needed links to man, info, online refs etc. so as you become more
> comfortable with what you are doing your able to expand.

Start looking at susehelp. Although I think we need to look at what is in
there. Most of it is old and needs replacement. Kernell 2.4? Books from

Online Resources could use some update as well. I think the whole thing
needs an overhaul.

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