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Re: [opensuse] miror sites
  • From: Rajko M <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 18:02:18 -0600
  • Message-id: <441C9F8A.8080704@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

Torrent, according to their web site, is answer to overloaded central servers (FTP,HTTP). Even if there will be no security risks, than setting p2p seeder on FTP server is just against basic idea.

This sounds a little bit puristic.
The spotted "server overload" phaenomenon is a matter with a duration of one day or even longer.
Using ftp/http servers automatically ("programmed in") as initial seed could help a lot to get a p2p net running. Once there is enough "food" spreaded, the p2p contacts to ftp/http servers will reduce automatically.

That would be good, and not so puristic :-)

Plus design details explained in Peter Czanik email.

Yes; but I'm not sure about the relevance in total. If a server has 1000 "regular" ftp/http sessions anyways, I guess it would not matter to have 200 additional sessions which request very small packets.

Cheers -e

I've seen Christian Boltz mail, and I can agree that in days after release iso files will be probably in RAM anyway, so mentioned I/O would be from RAM to network adapter, which in home computers is not a big deal, but how it is with dedicated server designs?

I think that main problem, anyway, is how to convince people to use BitTorrent. Whoever wants to take that task can start with me. If that would be digital art, who cares for few bad bits, but this is computer program and I want to know much more in order to trust the p2p.

Good start would be to explain on opensuse wiki, what kind of p2p is BitTorrent, what are the security measures that are used, how much attention is given to client programs to prevent misuse trough security holes, etc.


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