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Re: [SLE] Re: change the graphics card or the OS?
  • From: Sandy Drobic <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 20:24:10 +0100
  • Message-id: <4402005A.1090304@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Per Jessen wrote:
Sandy Drobic wrote:

On Saturday 25 February 2006 5:13 am, Per Jessen wrote:

I have to say - someone who switches operating system ("I haven?t
used Linux since November") purely because his graphics card isn't
supported needs a rethink of priorities.

There is a rumor floating around that the OS is meant for programs to
run and not the other way around. If his priority is to have the
display running at the specified resolution, so he can use it
efficiently without burning his eyeballs out, I would consider that a
valid reason to change.

Yes, but I would still change the graphics card, not the OS. Much less
hassle, no learning curve, no installation new/different versions of
software. Especially for such a common piece of hardware. The author
of the article does not live in the real world, IMHO.

It depends on the situation. If it's just a normal computer with standard hardware then I agree. A new graphic card doesn't cost that much. Changing the OS and all the programs installed requires a lot of work and time. Though, if it's a specialized card with needed features, the choice becomes much more difficult.

I can't imagine downgrading to Windows just because of the video
card. It is almost as pathetic and stupid as my co-workers who insist
on having Wintendo around just to "play games."

Maybe it would help if you encounter some people who see the computer
as a tool to do their work. They don't really care what OS they are
running as long as they can use the programs the have to work with,
store their files print them with ease.

People may not care which OS, but they do generally care a lot about
which desktop. If we're talking about business users, I doubt you can
talk them into changing their desktop just because of a graphics
card ... not to mention the time & cost involved.

Some of my collegues didn't even notice when I changed their computer during lunch break and they suddenly worked with windows xp instead of windows 98. They care a lot more if the printer isn't working stable or word doesn't have the button for saving files at the usual place.

Though I agree, working with windows is a lot different from working with linux.

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