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Re: [SLE] SPAM: Trouble Connecting to Server Retry
  • From: Ken Schneider <suse-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 16:23:09 -0500
  • Message-id: <1136323389.12130.61.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 15:15 -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Ken Schneider <suse-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [01-03-06 09:07]:
> > If ISP's shut down all of the errant users that did not keep their PC's
> > up to date for virii, worms and bugs they would have to shutdown
> > perhaps over 50% of their customers.
> Their *originally* stated policy/position.
> > Do you really think a company would do that. It is out of control and
> > the best that ISP's can do today is install the hardware/software to
> > protect the users who use their service.
> ONLY because they did not address it at the onset. If you tell your
> children that they cannot get cookies from the cookie jar and do not
> inforce the rule, the rule is meaningless and your authority along with
> it. My thoughts about whether a company should or should not is
> irrelevant.
> > Earthlink has done some of this by using a product called "Spamblocker"
> > which blocks -ALL- email unless the person is in my address book.
> How are they going to see my 'address book'?

It's the address book on the web mail product they supply.

I agree the rules should be enforced but it is too late now. Too many
would get pissed off and go elsewhere.

Ken Schneider
UNIX since 1989, linux since 1994, SuSE since 1998

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