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Re: [SLE] Network Confusion (Long Post)
  • From: Ken Schneider <suse-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 12:54:34 -0500
  • Message-id: <1136656474.11703.34.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 11:20 -0600, Eric Hines wrote:
> D*n. Sorry for the direct email. Screwed up on the REPLY TO button.


> I think you've about got it, now. And my LAN is up today--two days
> in a row. I've done nothing, that I know of, to achieve this. And
> some clarifying data that, as my meager knowledge grows, may in fact
> be relevant. I say that the Linksys sits on the edge of my LAN and
> everything happens behind it, and that's the intent. However, all
> three NICs are on the SUSE Samba server, and because of the way YaST
> works, all three NICs have as their default gateway the Linksys. My
> understanding is that default GWs are addresses of last resort, so my
> claim that everything is happening behind the Linksys here stands
> (e.g., IP Forwarding is on, the stack knows where the interfaces are,
> etc), but I could be wrong. The smb.conf file (I've included only
> the global part, as the shares wouldn't seem relevant to this
> problem) and log excerpts are below.
> I have wins support = yes; and I have 2 instances of winbindd running.
> I have win2k Pro and XP Pro installed on the two devices. No "Home"
> versions for me.
> Thanks
> Eric Hines

<hugh snip>


Since you are using your PC as a router with it (the PC) between two
internal subnets and the internet the PC only needs to have a single
default GW and IP forwarding turned on. The proper setup would have a
separate hub/switch connected to each secondary NIC (or a crossover
cable if only one PC is used) for network access.


ISP modem
Linksys router
| (I may have the subnets mixed up but the theory is the
| same) Also this is the default GW for the samba PC.
PC external NIC
samba PC
| |
| PC NIC #2 - internal network #1 192.168.100.x
PC NIC #3 - internal network #2 192.168.200.x

Any PC's on internal #1 would set their default GW to the IP address if
the NIC #2 on the samba PC. The same goes for PC's on internal #2 as
they would have their default GW set to the IP of NIC #3 on the samba
PC. I think most of your problems are one of routing not working as it
should because the default GW's are not being properly setup or
understood. If you want to talk via land line let me know in a private
email. Not sure were you live, I'm in SW Florida.

Ken Schneider
UNIX since 1989, linux since 1994, SuSE since 1998

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